Hand Polish Viktorya Model All Framed Blue Sunglasses


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Hand Polish Viktorya Model All Framed Blue Sunglasses

188 COOL5 56-18-145


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Weight125 gr
StylesVictorya Model All Framed Sunglasses
Pine ColorDark blue
Frame ColorBrown - Blue
Frame TypeBone
Filter TypePolarize
Ekartman (Glass Size)5.5cm - 6cm
Bridge Size20 mm
Handle Size145 mm
Warranty Period2 Year
Overseas SalesThere is

More info

* Female sunglasses.

* Polarized glass.

* Blue whole frame. Black polished glass sunglasses

* Objective Height: 5,5cm

* Subjective Width: 6 cm

* Lens Material: Polycarbonate
188 COOL5 56-18-145
* Sunglasses Description : 
We are making our sunglasses with care. We care representing you sunglasses are comfortable raw materials. Our sunglasses are comfortable, fashionable and safe to use.So you can use there with no doubt.
We are representing you design sunglasses, classic sunglasses and natural sunglasses with the assurance of Fashion Moon brand.
* Our models: Vintich model sunglasses, retro model sunglasses, classic model sunglasses, cat model sunglasses, wooden sunglasses, bamboo sunglasses, steampunk model sunglasses, punk model sunglasses, gothic model sunglasses, men's sunglasses, we produce women's sunglasses, children's sunglasses.

If desired, we prepare our models according to the face ratios.

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