Warranty, Cancellation and Refund Policy

The products you have purchased from MODAMOT.COM which have a guarentee certificate are covered from the day of arrival for the period stated on it from the manufaturers or the importers. The period your guarentee is valid you are eligible to take your product to the appropriate service stated on the certificate and it also informs you on what faults the guarentee covers providing you still have the guarentee certificate. You may cancel your orders provided the product hasnt been shipped and you may do that by contacting us directly by the details provided on contact or by filling out a form which you can do online on Previous shopping. You may also return goods within 7 days of receiving your product providing it has not been damaged or compromised in any way, just contact us as soon as possible so we can tell you what appropriate channels you should take and you wont be charged with kargo or legal fees. The product should be returned in its unopened original state with its receipt, please fill out the returns form also. This is also included for gifts or campaign items. Personal care items, Toners, C.Ds, VCDs, tapes and stationary must not be opened for the return to be valid. Refunds will be given after we at MODAMOT.COM have received and checked the item has not been tampered with and as the receipt provided with it. İn the case of you wanting the item sent by EFT/havale an IBAN needs to be provided all extra fees incurred due to the individuals bank account in this case will be met by the customer. İf you would like more details on this you mayread ıt up on Distance shipping and the before purchase also provided on our site.

International shipping summary

When will I receive the product/s I have ordered?

All products should be received within 7-15 days of purchase depending on the country you ordered to.

How can I pay for my intended purchase?

For international purchases you may use visa or mastercard

How much will I pay for shipping?

You will see the fee after you have placed the item in your basket or in the purchasing phase

With returns how long will I have to wait for a refund?

After we have received the items and checked to see if it was within in tacked with the receipt the latest will be 3 days.

Can I cancel an order?

Orders can be cancelled providing it has not been shipped or given to dispatch, you can cancel orders at market@modamot.com

Which items can't be returned?

Items that have passed the date of return, used items, soiled items, items that cant be resold, evening gowns, personalised items, wedding dresses, make up, personal care items, underwear, bikinis, swimming costumes and sunglasses.

In what situations will my deliveries take longer to receive?

If an unforeseen problem occurs like strikes or problems at shipping may cause an unlıkely delay

If my product/s get stuck in customs how long will I be expected to wait?

If in the unlikely event that your product/s get caught in customs a customs officer will contact you regarding what needs to be done. Modamot.com will not take any resposibillity in a case like this and we will not pay any fees the responsibility will be the customers.