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Polyester Objets - Decoupage Paper

Decoupage PaperPolyester Materials Objets, Art materials

Polyester Objets - Decoupage Paper There are 25 products.


  • Foil Brass Decoupage...

    * Our Foil Brass Decoupage products are in gold color. It contains patterns suitable for resplendent and splendid concepts.Foil Brass Decoupage Paper

  • SD Brass Decoupage Paper

    What is SD Brass Jigsaw?

    SD Brass Decoupage are printed rice papers that can be used in many different areas such as furniture renovation, kitchen and bathroom decoration. Rice paper jigsaws are printed on thin paper made from paddy straw and are easy to use for decoupage works. Decoupage paper sizes are A3. High quality and flexible decoupage papers that do not deform for many years help your works to have a completely different look. With SD brass decoupage papers, you will be following the decoration trends closely while renovating your home with decorations that will make a difference. “Where Is Rice Decoupage Applied?” If you ask, decoupage papers are mainly; decoupage on bathroom tiles, decoupage on kitchen tiles, decoupage on kitchen cabinets, decoupage on furniture, decoupage on trays, decoupage on glasses, decoupage on table and coffee table, brass decoupage on the wall, brass decoupage on the glass, brass decoupage on the cabinet, brass decoupage on the dresser. has application area.

  • Brass Decoupage Paper

    * Brass Decoupage allows the patterns printed on durable and thin textured paper to be transferred to suitable surfaces such as coffee tables, trays, tables. Decoupage, which is applied with a napkin in the traditional method, is applied with rice decoupage paper, which does not have a delicate texture as a napkin in the modern method. Brass decoupage, which offers a fine texture but a solid use, is among the products that hobby masters use with pleasure. Papers, which feel almost the same texture as the applied surface, do not make a size difference on the floor due to their thinness. You can easily apply these papers, which have various motifs and quality printing, to almost all of your home decoration products such as wood, glass, leather, ceramics.

    * Our Brass Decoupage products are a series that includes special motifs for your decoration products that will adapt to every environment and ambiance.

  • Roll of Rice Decoupage...

    * Rolled Brass Decoupage is our decoupage product that you can use as a border. Vivid and soft colors are dominant in the series, where flower patterns made with watercolor technique are concentrated. You can use it on kitchen/bathroom tile, walls and wood.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 25 items