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Protection From Sunlight
Posted by     Jun 8, 2017     Home , Healthy Life , Skin Care    0 Comments
Protection From Sunlight

  As the air heats up, the oil production in your skin will increase and UV rays will be more harmful. So we should adapt our skin to summer. We must clean our skin deadly and clean it with water-based moisturizers.

The fact that sunscreens do not protect the skin from UV rays only; SPF creams appeared to protect the P53 genes, which help prevent cancer.

  Prefer formulas that contain sunflower kernel essence. It is rich in antioxidant angle and increases the protection factor (Olesome technology).

  It is not important that your skin is light or dark, but we all need to protect our affection. UVB rays cause deep burning and aging. Skin cancer increases the risk.

Control the expiration date of your sun creams.


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