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How to Choose Sun Glasses?
Posted by     Jun 8, 2017     Home , Online Shopping    0 Comments
How to Choose Sun Glasses?

Be Attentive to Sun Glasses Features.

The sunglasses should be sunglasses designed to protect the top from the side, so that the glass can provide full protection to the eye. For aesthetic purposes, the glasses that are away from the face will provide adequate sun protection.

 The rays of sunlight and harmful to human (especially skin and eyes) are the rays of the smaller wavelength and the sun rays of the bigger wave called the IR. The radiation of small wavelengths is affected by radiation and the rays of large wavelengths are harmed by organism they give. The wavelength of rays emitted from the sun is in the range of 400-800 nanometers. Although the atmosphere filters most of the harmful rays, there are still UV and IR rays that will harm the daylight. Especially in the last years, more and more harmful rays reach to the world with the ozone layer being frequently sprinkled on it. Human health has also increased the threats on health. UV-A is harmful to the eyes, especially UV-A, while UV-B causes skin burns when UV-B is not taken. Sunscreen sunscreen to protect our skin; We must use sunglasses to protect our eyes.


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