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Posted by     Jun 8, 2017     Home , Healthy Life    0 Comments

Some of them sound strange to you, you might hear some of them from your grandmother before, but you better start practicing these practical solutions.

Your nose is always flowing like a faucet.

Pull a handful of warm water to your nose (if you add a little bit of salt to the nose, it helps to dry the nose channels). Your nose will not flow for at least one or two hours.

Your feet smell.

Put a talcum powder on your soles for your soles and then put on the teaspoons.

The pangs of your cramps are killing you.

In a microwave, place a wet cotton cloth or towel on your stomach by heating for 30 seconds (after making sure you are not too angry). Your pain reliever will relieve your abdominal area until you start showing the effect.

You shot your toe.

Keep your finger straight with your hands and tighten for a minute. This will prevent it from swelling too much.

Your underarms smell bad, but you do not have time to take a shower.

Dry your bedspread with a paper towel, then apply some liquid soap to your armchair to mask off any odor-causing bacteria.

You feel anxious and your heart is fast.

Message your temples while breathing deep and heavy to comfort yourself.

You have gone anywhere.

Place a piece of banana shell in the way that the inner part will sink into the place where it will sink and cover it with a bandage. The enzymes in the banana shell will help the foreign matter to come out.

A devil fingernail came out of your finger.
Soak your finger in salt water. It will reduce the risk of swelling and infection.

In your face you feel you are about to go out.
Hold a metal spoon under hot water for 10 seconds, then press on the sparkle that starts to form a hot spoon for a while. This will delay the exit by a few hours and make it smaller on the outflow.

Our coughing does not stop.
A tough candy sure. This will cause irritation by helping to form spit to cover your throat.

You've done epilation, but your skin has an inflamed wicked feather.
Soak a paper towel in cold water and hold it for a few minutes over the area where the sunken feather is. Swelling and redness will appear in 15 minutes.


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