Relief Paste Concrete Effect 250ml Cadence


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Cadence Relief Paste Concrete Effect 250ml

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StylesRelief Paste
PropertiesRelief Paste Concrete Effect
Warranty Period1 month
Overseas SalesThere is
UsageIt can be applied with a brush or sponge.
Usage placesWood, metal, polyester, ceramic, glass etc.

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Cadence Concrete Effect Relief Paste - 250 ml

* Cadence Relief Paste with Concrete Effect is a quick-drying relief paste putty that gives the object the appearance of being made of concrete when applied on many decorative objects such as bowls, vases, flower pots, candlesticks, candle holders, glasses and so on. Concrete effect relief paste is resistant to weather conditions and frost.

* The cadence concrete effect, which can be applied to all absorbent or non-absorbent surfaces and leaves the impression of being made with concrete, is a relief paste. The painting can be applied with the buffering method, with the help of a spatula or even with a brush if a thin layer is desired. When dry, it can be easily sanded with sandpaper. Moss effect and antiquing aging paints are frequently applied to give the objects that you apply the concrete effect to an old look.

* The drying time of Cadence Concrete Effect Relief paste varies according to weather conditions and application thickness. It is usually 6-12 hours. After it dries, you can finish the product with the desired paint and varnish, and give the desired effects. It does not contain toxic substances harmful to health. It complies with CE & EN71 norms.

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