Relief Paste Dora Perla Metallic Platin DR-01 150ml Cadence


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Cadence Relief Paste Dora Perla Metallic Platin DR-01 150ml

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PropertiesMetalik Boya
Warranty Period1 month
Overseas SalesThere is
UsageIt can be applied with a brush or sponge.
Usage placesAll Surfaces. Wood, mdf, raw ceramic, glass etc. It is a water-based acrylic paste used to add crack size to surfaces such as

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* Wood, mdf, raw ceramics, glass, etc. to give a dimension effect. It is a water-based and acrylic paste that can be used on all hard surfaces. It creates a transparent dimension on the applied surface. It is used in stencil relief and free pattern relief works. It is recommended to be applied with a spatula, brush, sponge and the drying time varies according to the applied thickness. The materials used are cleaned with water. Protect from frost.

* Dora Perla Relief Paste varieties are offered to Artistic World users with dozens of color options. There are many color options in the Cadence color chart such as platinum, gold, anthracite, malachite, petrol, ankerite and dark orchid. Stencil templates can be used to create different and regular shapes. Relief pastes produced in 150 ml can be easily applied to surfaces with brushes, spatulas and sponges. It is now very easy to get shiny and metallic images with embossed surfaces that dry in 6-12 hours!

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