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Cadence Relief Cake Classic 250ml

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Warranty Period1 month
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UsageIt can be applied with a brush or sponge.
Usage placesWood, metal, polyester, ceramic, glass etc.

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Cadence Classic Relief Paste New - White - 250ml / 450gr

Cadence Classic Relief Paste, wood, metal, polyester, ceramic, glass etc. It is a pasty, soft but non-flowing filling material that can be used on all kinds of surfaces, used to obtain embossed surfaces by means of stencils and templates or by free working with the help of a spatula. Relief paste, which has been used in hobby projects for many years, has never lost its popularity thanks to its flexible use.

In addition to creating a 3D image in hobby projects, another use of the classic relief cake is to use it for repairing hobby objects. For example, it can be used as a putty to smooth a rough surface, to hide the fracture site of a broken polyester object. After the surface to be repaired is filled with relief paste and dried, the faulty area is hidden by sanding.

The drying time of Cadence Classic Relief Paste is 6-12 hours depending on the weather conditions of the environment. After this period, dyeing operations can be done. Complete drying and ossification takes 24 hours. At the end of this period, the area where the relief paste is applied becomes ossified, and operations such as sanding and aging can be done.

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