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Happy Baby's Diary 4 Book Set

Happy Baby's Diary 4 Book Set


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* Happy Baby's Diary 4 Book Set


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Language: Turkish

Assoc. Dr. The Happy Baby's Diary series, written by Osman Abalı, consists of books that will guide parents who are thinking of having a baby, expecting a baby and holding their baby in this new period in their lives. It discusses all the pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, birth and post-pregnancy periods, and presents all the preparations and the whole process for a happy and healthy baby to its readers with an expert opinion.

Happy Baby's Diary; It is a bedside series for expectant mothers and fathers to prepare their children for the future starting from infancy by living every moment in a positive and peaceful way without stress, and to provide the most beneficial, while protecting them from harmful factors, and to support the development of their babies and their physical and mental health in the best way.

The Happy Baby's Diary series consists of 4 books in total: Pregnancy and Before, Birth and After, First Infancy and Development Process. Assoc. Dr. The book series written by Osman Abalı has been prepared in accordance with the chronological order that awaits mothers and fathers from the beginning to the end of pregnancy. In the last book, there are general developmental stages in infancy that those who intend to have a baby and all parents who have children in infancy should pay attention to while their children grow up.

Inner pages: 4 books, 60 pages each, color matte coated

Cover: American Bristol

Print date: August 2020

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