Effective Reading and Comprehension Set 8 Years and Up


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Effective Reading and Comprehension Set 8 Years and Up

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· The ordering of books should not be perceived as strict order of difficulty.

· In each book, exercises to strengthen the reading of our children's age are given in a certain order.

· Sticker exercises are available in each book along with the exercises appropriate for the age available.

· Sticker exercises must be applied to children in the reward system.

· As we solve the reading exercises, the sticker exercise should be done in order for our children to enjoy themselves.

· It is prepared with a plain writing system.



· This system stimulates the visual attention of the people who start working in different ways, and it is easier to learn the symbols and symbols with the visual perception and auditory use together.

· It is aimed to support the visual perception system of the auditory perception system at the basis of the system.

· Unlike classical learning methods, learning is becoming permanent by using many perception systems in this system.

· Children who can not learn symbols can learn these symbols with this system easily and easily.

· Different perception systems are actively used in symbolic learning, which is based on reading.

· The most basic principle to learn is to find the right way for the student and to teach it in the shortest time and in a short time.

· A student who wants to read has to learn many symbols with voice responses.

· Especially students with difficulty in learning and lack of attention in languages ​​with a lot of languages ​​such as Turkish can have difficulty learning these symbols.

· Especially some of the similar symbols b-d, m-n, i-j, s-z, l-ı create confusion in these students.

· What do you need to read fast? In order to read fast it is necessary that the perception of these symbols entering the field of vision is properly coded in the brain and be read out as reading.

· Input - integration - storage and output phases happen during this time. Students who are reading hard do not like to read and reading is a very boring activity for them.

· Reading the vocabulary loudly is a frightening act for them, often making mistakes in their reading and having difficulty in distinguishing similar symbols.

· From this point of view, we offer a structured training set based on the system of perceptions of students again, with different senses and originality being foreground.

· The advantage of Ogs is that it is a system tailored to the spirit world of structured, active, boring children.


· Students with Ogs begin to perceive their symbols so easily that after a certain period of time they are beginning to increase their reading speed and understanding level.

· Significant increases in reading speed after 20-30 sessions in children undergoing pilot application.

· As an example, RS 12 reads 40 words of speech per minute.

· After 30 sessions, when reading the 4th book, the reading speed increased to 65 per minute.


· This system should ideally be applied every day for 30 minutes a day.

· If this is not possible, it can be applied 3 days a week for one hour a day.

· Ideal hours are children's restful and restful hours.

· This should be done after the return of the school is rested and before the homework.

· This application is not exhausting anymore and it is a very pleasant and fast time period.


· 60-70 words per minute at the end of primary school 1, 2. 70-80 words at the end of the class and 80-90 words at the end of the third grade.

· It is also expected that the primary school 4 tees will be 90-100 words in this number and 110-120 lines in 5th grade.

· The reading speed of the adult is very different, varying between 200-300, and even read 1000 words a minute.


· The set should all be shown to the student.

· Especially the original aspects and fun parts of this set must be emphasized.

· It should be underlined that it is difficult to read with a regular work, read faster and understand more.

· It should be said that this is a fun work that requires patience.

· In addition, a specific target can be placed and the scoring and labels included in this book can be used.

· A reward that is at the initiative of the teacher can be given when the target is reached.

· For example (When you get points like this .... there is a prize, there are so many ribbons, medals or trophies ...... there is a prize.)

· The motivation of the person learning on this vocabulary is done before starting the set.


· Increase in reading, decrease in mistakes, and increases in word speed that are read in minute by minute in children who have Ogs applied.

 Can OGS be practiced in adults?

· Anyone who wants to read Turkish can apply.

· Foreigner who wants to learn Turkish

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