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What to Eat Fish Season Which?
Posted by     Dec 3, 2017     Practical Cookbook , What's Cooking Today    0 Comments
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Along the Four Seasons Which Fish to Eat?
JANUARY: Oiled bluefish, bonito, mullet, is the most suitable month for anchovies and sardines. Çinakop, Kofu me, haddock, hake, Umbra, Flounder, Mullet mullet, Swallow found in abundance. Sea bream and sea bass retains the flavor.
FEBRUARY: money until May Shield season for the Bears is very ones. Bluefish and bonito begin to lose fat, but Mullet, Garfish, flounder, Umbra, mussels, red mullet, mullet, sea bream, sea bass rock, Mackerel. Spanish mackerel, Mırmır is delicious.
MARCH: Mullet is the period when the most delicious sea bass and turbot fish. Sea bream and red mullet, mullet, sea bass, Gar eaten.
APRIL: Coral, sea bass, Swallow, Garfish, multiplies in April, silver, whiting, mullet, hake, red mullet, red mullet is delicious. Old when the season starts, is quite tasty. It retains the flavor of the mussels until the end of April. Garfish consumption continues this month.
MAY: Sea bass, red mullet, mullet, Swallow, scorpion fish enlezetl the period. Lobster, Puvary to, shrimp is very tasty. Bonito, Toric. Mackerel, Spanish mackerel oil lost is lean and tasteless.
JUNE: June fish is considered to be inefficient. Coral, sea bass, Dentex, Barbin, mullet, Meager, Mırmır, though varieties are less. Lobster, puvary to continue to koruru the shrimp flavor.
JULY: Sardine season starts. Butts. Horse mackerel begins to come to the table. Mullet, red mullet, in Lima, retains the flavor. Lobster, Puvary to begin seeing shrimp. Mullet has lost its flavor. In July, after the June fishing it is inefficient and types of pain.
AUGUST: Bluefish begin to appear. Sardines in August is very tasty. Swallow continues. Spanish mackerel, cigarette butts are greased lezzetlen. Horse mackerel is delicious in the pan.
SEPTEMBER: Bonito and multiply in September. Grease is both widened. Bluefish proliferate and are quite tasty. Mackerel, Spanish mackerel, cigarette butts are greased lezzetlen. Swallow is plenty.
OCTOBER: bluefish, bonito, horse mackerel, would korumayadeva the flavor. Mullet, red mullet, cigarette butts. Sardine. Seabass, Coral, Toric. Meager, Dentex, Rock Bass are plentiful and tasty.
NOVEMBER: November is a wide variety of fish species and verml from hunting and pain. Flounder, anchovy, is plentiful and tasty.
DECEMBER: Bluefish at the end of the year, the Kofo, sea bass, blue fish, horse mackerel, bonito, sea bream, mackerel, Bonito, Sardines, Anchovies are abundant. Stone and bottom fish is delicious.
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