Tupperware Oval Design Storage Set


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Tupperware Oval Design Storage Set


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Weight*1 adet uzun dizayn Oval Saklama Kutusu 2.2 Lt *1 adet kare dizayn Oval Saklama Kutusu 3.4 Lt *1 adet orta boy Oval Saklama Kutusu 1 Lt *1 adet küçük boy Oval Saklama Kutusu 350 ml
StylesOval Sakla Kutusu

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* Tupperware Oval Design Storage Set

* Ideal for all legumes.

* Nuts, (corn flakes) corn flakes, dried legumes, sugar, tea, etc. prevents dusting because they store dust-free and moisture-free in the environment.

* Also suitable for summer houses.

* It is modular; you can choose the product size according to your requirement. When you do not get it hard, you can choose the size of the products according to your needs. The tabs on the edge of the cover allow you to line up the lids safely. Thanks to its oval shape, it saves 30% space in cabinets compared to round containers. With oval hard, you get regular cabinets. It is easy to hold thanks to its special oval shape. Frosted Surface prevents it from slipping and scratches that may occur during use. It is very light and does not break.

* Thanks to its lightness, it provides great comfort as it will only weigh the food during use.

* Thanks to its transparency, you can easily find the food you are looking for and easily prepare your shopping list.

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