Eco Bottle Set of 3 750ml Sets View larger
Eco Bottle Set of 3 750ml Sets

Tupperware Eco Bottle Set of 3 750ml Sets


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Eco Bottle Set of 3 750ml Sets


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* You will follow the fashion with the eye-catching colors of Eco Bottles. Add energy to your energy with vibrant colors. Moreover, you will always be with you in your bag, at home, at work, on the road and in the spud with different sizes.
* Eco Bottle Set of 3 750ml Sets
* Washable feature provides long-term use.
* Thanks to the ergonomic structure, you can grasp easily.
* Suitable for the refrigerator door, thanks to the sealing cap feature, you can also carry it with you.
* Points: Do not put carbonated drinks and hot drinks. Hand wash, do not leave in the sun. When you are not using it, you should wash it and keep it open.

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