Pebeo Huile Fine XL 37ml Oil Color

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Pebeo Huile Fine XL 37ml Oil Color

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CompositionsOil Paint
PropertiesOil Based
Overseas SalesThere is
Usage placesIt can be applied to many surfaces such as canvas, paper, wood, ceramic, polyester.

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It is the most sought-after oil paint brand for painters in workshop environments and for beginners. It is distinguished from other paints by its very fast drying feature.

Thanks to its high color chart, it is preferred by specialist painters as well as painters and students.
XL fine oil paints have been imported to meet the demands of all contemporary artists. Drying time is 4 days. Full drying is 5 weeks.
It is offered for sale in 37ml and 200ml weights and has a total of 64 color options, including 52 basic colors, 7 iridescent colors and 5 glaze transparent colors.

* Pebeo XL Fine Oil Paints are designed for painters and students.
47 color options are available.
The color of paints is a versatile paint type that you can use both thinly and in paste form.
The paint is made from pigments and vegetable oil and gives intense colors.
Oil Paints dry very slowly, allowing you to continue to fix and paint for a long time.
What is so unique about this type of paint is that it dries exactly as it was applied.
The brush stroke is sharp whether wet or dry.
Moreover, there is no color change during the drying process.
There is no loss of volume in color tones.
Very pure and intense colors are ideal for artists.
The brightness, stickiness and drying times of the colors are compatible.
Oil paints can be easily mixed with each other to obtain intermediate colors.
They create extremely fine lines in brush strokes.
The fact that the paint has a slippery structure like oil ensures that the brush strokes are very clear and the paint is fixed.
After your works are finished, you can protect them with the help of oil paint varnish, whether they are glossy or matte.
If the paints are too solid, you can thin them with the help of Turpentine and Linen oil.
If it has not been too long, you can easily clean the oil paint residues left on your brushes and the paint on your body and clothes with the help of Turpentine.
You can easily make color mixtures with the help of metal, wooden or plastic spatula.


* ■ Concealing

* ◩ Semi-covering

* □ Transparent

* ⧄ Semi-transparent

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