Talens Van Gogh Professional Oil Paint Inspiration Set of 14 with Wooden Box


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Talens Van Gogh Professional Oil Paint Set of 10 with Wooden Box

10 x 40ml

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PropertiesProfessional Oil Paint Set
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Van Gogh Oil Color Basic Box in wooden bag oil painting set:

* 14 pieces of 40 ml tube oil paint (105-227-267-269-312-313-366-409-504-530-535-615-623-701)
* 1 bottle of painting medium 75 ml
* 1 bottle of odorless white spirit 75 ml
* 1 x van gogh 210 serial no:10 brush
* 1 x van gogh 211 serial no:6 brush
* Spatula no:3014
* 2 godets
* wooden pallet
* cleaning cloth
* Color chart
wooden bagPainting with Van Gogh's oil colors is a joy in itself. Whatever oil color technique you choose, Van Gogh paints always produce a beautiful finish.

Choose from a wide and balanced color palette. Besides vibrant colors, above all, you prefer a good oil quality.

High levels of fineness, color intensity, pigment content and durability contribute to the ultimate expression of your inspiration.

Van Gogh oil paint colors are available in a wide range of 66 colors in various tube sizes, sets and artist boxes.

* Van Gogh Oil Paints are intended for painters and students.

* 66 color options are available.

* Series 1 and Series 2 options are also available

* The color of the paints is a versatile paint type that you can use both in thin and paste consistency.

* The paint is made from pigments and vegetable oil and gives intense colors.

* Oil Paints dry very slowly, allowing you to continue to fix and paint for a long time.

* What is so unique about this type of paint is that it dries exactly as it was applied.

* The brush stroke is sharp whether wet or dry.

* Moreover, there is no discoloration during the drying process.

* There is no loss of volume in color tones.

* Very pure and intense colors are ideal for artists.

* The brightness, stickiness and drying times of the colors are compatible.

* Oil paints can be easily mixed with each other to obtain intermediate colors.

* They create extremely fine lines in brush strokes.

* The fact that the paint has a slippery structure like oil ensures that the brush strokes are very clear and the paint is fixed.

* After your works are finished, you can protect them with the help of oil paint varnish, whether they are glossy or matte.

* If the paints are too solid, you can thin them with the help of Turpentine and Linen oil.

* If it has not been too long, you can easily clean the oil paint residues left on your brushes and the paint on your body and clothes with the help of Turpentine.

* You can easily make color mixtures with the help of metal, wooden or plastic spatula.

What do the markings on Van Gogh oil painting mean?

Degree of light fastness

+++ = at least 100 years (in museum terms)

++ = 25-100 years (in museum terms)

+ = 10-25 years (in museum terms)

0 = 0 - 10 years (in museum terms)


* ■ Concealing

* ◩ Semi-covering

* □ Transparent

* ⧄ Semi-transparent

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