Homend 1717 Royaltea Talking Pot


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Homend 1717 Royaltea Talking Pot

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Technicial Specifications
Voice Alert System: Tells You About Water Condition.
Prepares Water at 80 ° C for Coffee and Herbal Tea.
Prepares Water at 40 ° C Temperature with Ideal Temperature for Making Mama.
1800 W
1 lt Glass Teapot, 1.9 liters Water Heater Capacity
Schott Duran Glass Teapot
Stainless Steel Tea Filter
Dual Security System: Safety System When Water Boils and Waterless
Switches on and your machine automatically turns itself off.
Keep Warm Feature: Keeps Juice 5 Hours Warm.
Keeps Your Tea Warm For 2 Hours. Keeps Your Tea 1 Hour Warm.
Cover Compatible with Both Teapot And Kettle
Stainless Steel Concealed Resistanc

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