Vintech File Mercerized Bag Organic Black Glass Beaded Beige Bag


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Fashion Moon Vintech File Mercerized Bag Organic Black Glass Beaded Beige Bag

* Mesh model mesh bag prepared from mercerized

* Bag Size: 37 x 34cm Handle: 49cm


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Material Used: Knitted from mercerized balls, prepared. The beads used on it are glass beads.

* Lined, no pocket.

* Be unique and you can use it in your hand or on your shoulder.

* They are comfortable, useful and healthy products. Cover of the lining shirred with rope


* Bag Size: 37 x 34cm Handle: 49cm

* If you want, you can wash without using bleach detergent.

* It is a comfortable and useful bag.

Everyone wants their accessories to be comfortable, easy to use, fashinable and speacial, right?

   As  Modamot ® and Fashion Moon ® team we want to give our customert high fashion, comfortable, luxery, easy to use, sturdy and bags and bags which can take all of our stuff. We are marking.

   Fanny Packs, free backs, sport bags, document bags, purses, backpacks, mens bags, postman style bags and hand bags.We are marking hand made bags.

   Fanny packs, free backs, sport bags, document bags, purses, eco nex bag, backpacks, mens bags, pstman style bags and handmade bags.We are making hand made bags with care, love for our l,ttle animal friends and our dear custemers.

   In our desigs are wallets, purses, handbags and free backs for you to put your phones and personol stff. In addition to that our designs are always fashionable, easy to use and comfortable.

   Fashion Moon is are of the brands of and this products are introduced to the market under the Fashion Moon brand.

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