Cadence Milk Mixion Metal Leaf Mixion 120ml


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Cadence Milk Mixion Metal Leaf Mixion 120ml

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* First, Cadence Milk Leaf Mixion is poured into an empty container. Thus, it can be applied much easier by taking it to the brush.

Milk Mixion adhesive is applied to the surface on which the foil application will be made, with the help of a brush.

* The adhesive is expected to become completely transparent.

* The leaf produced as a leaf is coated on the surface. It can be applied by pressing the leaf leaf onto the surface with the help of a brush.

* When two or three layers of leaf are used, the desired images can be completely obtained and the gaps can be closed.

* Sweeping is done with a hard brush to ensure that the foil adheres well.

* The resulting objects can be exhibited in various parts of the living spaces.

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