Cadence Foil Bond Size Foil Mixion 120ml


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Cadence Foil Bond Size Foil Mixion 120ml

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* Dimensional foil mixion is an adhesive that you can easily use in stencil relief and free pattern works in order to give a dimensional foil effect. It is also used as a relief paste. Our quality products, produced in accordance with CE - EN71 norms, do not contain substances harmful to health.

Where is the Dimensional Foil Mixion Used?

* The water-based odorless adhesive produced for use in decorative and artistic hobby works is used for real leaf and imitation leaf, roll leaf applications, fiber gilding, velvet powder applications and for sticking other products to objects. It can be applied with a spatula, brush or sponge sponge. It is white during application and becomes transparent as it dries. When it becomes transparent, you can apply roller leaf or velvet powder. Drying time varies according to the application thickness. After the application, no darkening is observed on the surface over time. We recommend that you protect it from cold and frost. It is compatible for water-based varnish or spray varnish application after your process is finished. The materials used are easily cleaned with water.

* There are some important points that you should pay attention to when using dimensional foil mix. For example, make sure that the surface on which the foil will be applied is sufficiently indented. Because foil does not look good on flat surfaces. When using the foil glue, be careful to be fast in the bonding process when it becomes transparent. After the process is finished, quickly wash the foil brush with soap and water and dry it with a paper towel.

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