HP 150 Wireless Mouse Black 6VY95AA


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HP X200 Wireless Mouse Black 6VY95AA

* No Illumination           * Mouse FormRight Hand

* Mouse Type Blue Spot  * Number of Buttons1

* ConnectionWireless     * DPI1100 DPI

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375,00 TL tax incl.

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Weight0,06 kg
StylesKablosuz Mous
PropertiesWindows 10, Windows 8, windows 7, MacOS 10.1 veya üstü
Warranty Period2 Year
Overseas SalesThere is

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Important Features
Minimum Dimensions (W x D x H)
10.3 x 6.11 x 3.4 cm
0.05 kg
Product overview
This simple and conveniently designed freeware is designed for you to stay productive and by your side all day long.
1600 DPI is about artificial intelligence. Put it in your bag with the draw and be ready to go.
No need to connect cables
Roam through cables or complexity with a 2.4GHz wireless connection via a simple dongle.
peace of mind protection
The weekend with the HP standard lasted for two years.
Key Features
It looks good, it feels good
The elegant design provides all-day comfort for you to take care of every planning. It's so natural you won't be able to resist.
Left-Handed or Right-Handed
Whether you're right- or left-handed or even her ambidextrous, be prepared for this payoff.
Control scrolling
One meal for three. Left click, right click or click the double-function fix. from all parts of your oneness of control from the eyes.

* Precision optical sensor

Work on a wide variety of surfaces, anywhere, thanks to the high-resolution precision optical sensor.

Adjustable DPI
Increase or decrease tracking speed with adjustable DPI values (800/1200/1600).

Long life battery
This mouse is designed to keep up with you and your life, with a battery life of up to 18 months.[2]
Product Overview

Suitable for two-handed use
This mouse is suitable for both right and left handed use.

Low battery indicator
Thanks to the built-in indicator light, you will know when your batteries are running low.

Comfort is our priority
With its curved design, it is designed to sit naturally and perfectly in your palm.

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