Glass Stained Glass Paint 25ml

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Glass Stained Glass Paint 25ml

Colors: 02-Yellow, 03-Orange, 08-Blue, 14-Plum, 00-Transparent Varnish


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PropertiesCam Vitray Kalem Boyası
Color00-Şefaf, 02- Sarı, 03-Turuncu, 08-Mavi, 14-Mürdüm
Warranty Period1 month
Overseas SalesThere is
Barcode00-Şefaf 02-Sarı 8699036717253 03-Turuncu 04-Kımızı 8699036717277 08-Mavi 8699036717284 14-Mürdüm 8699036717307
Usage placesCam Üzerine Kullanılır.

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Stained Glass Pen Paint

*It is a ready-to-use, water-based stained glass and porcelain paint for decorative purposes.

*Stained glass pen paint is a fine-tipped paint in the form of a transparent pen that transmits light for the appearance of colored glass.

* Thanks to its special fine tip, it is suitable for detailed works and writing.

* It is important that the application surface is clean.

*Prevent any residue by cleaning with alcohol, glass cleaner or soapy water.

*After the application is finished, bake at 180 °C for 20 minutes.

* Put the product in the oven and take it cold.

*If you do not want to bake, it will be baked after 21 days.

*You can wash it many times in the upper part of the dishwasher.

* Easily cleaned with soap and water.

*Does not contain harmful substances to health.

*Conforms to CE & EN 71 norms.

* How to Apply Cadence Premium Acrylic?
Before starting the application, make sure that the floor is clean.
You must apply 1 coat of Glossy Surface Primer on varnished, metal, glass, plastic and slippery surfaces.
You can easily apply Cadence Premium Acrylic Paints with Floor Brush and/or Roller Brushes.
You can achieve the brightness you want with our Cadence varnishes available on our website with our semi-matt paints.
With Which Techniques Can Cadence Premium Acrylic Paint Be Applied?
Dry Brush Technique

First, the floor is painted flat. Then, the desired colors to be used with a dry brush are applied to the canvas. Irregular lines will form on the canvas. Water can be used to soften the color transitions of this image. Compared to watercolor, acrylic paints are more permanent.

* Punctuation Technique

The brush dipped in acrylic paint is applied by placing dots on the area to be painted. It can be dispersed with a brush later, which is put as a point.

* Splash Technique

After the brush is dipped in the paint, it is wetted and splashed towards the surface. It is a technique generally used in making abstract paintings.

* Printing Technique

It is used when it is desired to reveal more artistic products. Painting is done with a sponge. Cadence Premium acrylic paint is dripped onto one corner of the sponge. The paint taken is pressed slowly to the surface to be applied with a sponge.

* Pallet Knife Technique

It is a technique generally used by professional painters. Cadence Premium acrylic paint is applied to the canvas. Then the paint is made suitable for the painting with a palette knife.

MODAMOT.COM World, you can reach paint types according to every request. You can examine our paint types to see our various color scales.

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