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Gold Cartilage White Stone Earring Set View larger
Gold Cartilage White Stone Earring Set

Gold Cartilage White Stone Earring Set


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Gold Cartilage White Stone Earring Set

* With cream, perfume, alcohol, bleach, etc.

contact should be avoided.

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ColorGold Color
Warranty Period1 year
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Figure : Set of two pairs of stud earrings and a cartilage earring

Material : Gold color plated.

• Small hoop earrings diameter: 1 cm
• Large hoop earrings diameter: 1.5 cm

Style : Hoop Earrings

Gender : Female

Gram : 9.1 gr

Color : Colored stone - gold colored metal is used.

* Avoid contact with substances such as cream, perfume, alcohol, bleach.

Earring Models

When the types of earrings are examined, it is noticed that there are three main categories: ball earrings, hanging earrings and hoop earrings. The dangling earrings make the neck appear longer and the face slimmer. Ball earrings, on the other hand, are ideal for an elegant and simple elegance. Hoop earrings are also known to make them look more feminine and attractive. Apart from this, earring models are diversified, with or without stones, beads, metal, yellow metal or silver metal. Pearl earrings are the symbol of elegance.

How to Choose Earrings?

When choosing earrings, you should consider your combinations. For example, an earring set with a red stone in the same tone with a red evening dress can look very nice. Pearl earrings go very well with a plain white summer dress. Pearl earrings suit a white work shirt, too. Hoop earrings on a summer floral dress are the perfect match. A dangling but simple earring can also look nice with a stylish set.

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