Artdeco Gold Multisurfes Acrylic Paint For All Surfaces 272 Ultramarine

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Artdeco Gold Multisurfes Acrylic Paint For All Surfaces 272 Ultramarine 140ml - 500ml


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CompositionsArilic Paint
PropertiesMultisurfes For All Surfaces
Color272 Ultramarine
Overseas SalesThere is
Barcode8698517965930 -140ml

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* Dimension: 140ml -500ml
* It should be applied at least in 3 layers on non-absorbent surfaces (such as glass, ceramic) and if it is to be washed in the dishwasher, it should be washed after 21 days.

* During fabric application, the fabric should be cured for 3 minutes from the reverse. (With non-steam ironing) You should wait at least one day between coats on all surfaces to be applied. It is necessary to wait 12 hours for the application of 2nd or more coats.

* It has high covering power thanks to its special pigments. It is non-toxic, easily miscible, smooth and creamy, conforming to quality standards, and can be easily cleaned with soap and water when wet.
* It is a water-based new generation acrylic paint that can hold easily on all surfaces that are specially formulated for the Artdeco sector.
* Provides high closure on all different surfaces such as wood, glass, mdf, raw ceramic, polyester, porcelain, wall, stain, metal, stone, canvas, paper. Indoor and outdoor areas can also be used.
* No primer and sanding required. Super fluid and durable paint.
* Skin and fabric should be used by diluting the paint. It is absolutely necessary to wait 12 hours for the second layer on the glass.
* It has high closure power thanks to special pigments. It is non-toxic, easily mixable, smooth and creamy and can be easily cleaned with water and soap when wet.
* Does not contain harmful substances in health CE & EN 71 norms are suitable.
* Can be used: Wood, mdf, canvas, plaster, papier mache, resin, wax, wall, fabric, leather, stain, ceramic, porcelain, polymercil, watercolor paper, metal surfaces.

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