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Tigel Artistic Paint Cleaner

Tigel Artistic Paint Cleaner


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Tigel Artistic Paint Cleaner

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* Size: 220g
* Tigel Artistic Paint Cleaner, oil paint and brush on the cleaning Gunson acrylic paint, palette, used to remove me from my hands and fabrics. Tigel poured onto painted surfaces depending on the application, the washing operation is performed with a wet cloth to wipe or water after a prolonged period of time.
* Dry / stiff brush and materials to obtain the same results with a longer period to stand at Tigel contain. Tigel clean and soft brush cleaning economic and madea healthy. Tigel dyes are also used for cleaning, as well as ink stains.
* Washing machine is used soapy foaming during washing and canvas.
* Home and spots that you can try on all workshops.

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