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Tupperware Candy Utensils Set of 3 Colored View larger
Tupperware Candy Utensils Set of 3 Colored

Tupperware Candy Utensils Set of 3 Colored


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Tupperware Candy Utensils Set of 3 Colored

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* Freshness that does not fit in the cup!
* You can easily see the food inside the transparent window.
* Air and liquid-free lids provide fresher, longer storage of food.
* Suitable for transportation.
* Products used for storage in refrigerator.
* You can see the food inside thanks to its transparent surface.
* Soft and rounded cover products are airtight and watertight. Thanks to these features they can be used to transport both solid and watery foods.
* Produced especially for the hiding of cooked foods. However, you can keep your growing salads, your olive oil, your food with sauces fresh and smell for a long time.
* 300ml x 3 set.
* Cargo will be given 1 week after ordering.

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