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Indispensable for healthy meals
* By using less oil and water, you can cook delicious and healthy dishes. It distributes the heat very well, so every part of your food is cooked evenly.

* Body: 36.5 x 25.5 x 7cm / 3.3Lt

* Cover: 36.5 x 25.5 x 42cm / 1.2Lt

* Usage Area:

* Preparation * Service * Cooking * Ice Cream

* It will be shipped 1 week after the order is placed.

* Features of Ultro Pro Series.

* Produced from raw materials suitable for temperatures between -25°C and +230°C. It can be used in the freezer, refrigerator, microwave and regular oven.

* Thanks to the rounded cover and body, the heat is evenly distributed throughout. In this way, every part of the food is cooked evenly, even in the microwave oven.

* While the specially designed lid and handle parts give out the steam generated during cooking, it ensures that your food is browned without drying out.

* Ultro Pro Series is ideal for low temperature cooking and is suitable for roasts, fish and casseroles.

* Tricks
* It is ideal for heating your food that usually sticks to the pot while heating, and your food such as rice and pasta without any problems.

* You can use it for double boiler cooking by turning the lid upside down and putting water on it.

* You can cook on the lid. You can also do double cooking if you want.

* You can cook with or without a lid.

* At the same time, thanks to its round structure, you can easily use it in the microwave oven.

* Usage Instruction:

* Preheat the oven before cooking.

* It should be at least 5 cm away from the oven edges.

* Baking should be done on the oven wire.

* It should not be used for popping corn and caramelizing sugar.

* Combustion is not covered by the warranty.

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