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Tupperware Greenhouse Set 3

Tupperware Greenhouse Set 3


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Tupperware Greenhouse Set 3

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* Greenhouse Series
* Measured: Greenhouse 4.4lt - Greenhouse Rectangle 1.8lt - Greenhouse 1.8lt - Greenhouse 800ml x 2
* It is designed for you to protect your vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator while protecting them with the freshness of freshness.
* The cover ventilation system balances the oxygen and carbon dioxide content in the cabin and creates the ideal storage environment.
* The food signs on the body indicate which type of ventilation system you should choose for which food type.
* You can create the ideal environment by sliding the air control system on the cover.
* Improved body structure keeps the god out of moisture by carrying the grill feature.
* The modular structure allows you to save in the fridge.
* Tricks:
* All shades of the Greenhouse Series can be washed in the dishwasher.
* It helps to store much more food in the same area by removing the vegetables storage sections of your refrigerator.
* Before putting your new food into the greenhouse, ensure that it reaches the same temperature as the heat of your refrigerator. If you put your food in the greenhouse later, you will have the least amount of humidity.

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