Ellesse Bone Framed Black Metal Arched Sunglasses

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Ellesse Bone Framed Black Metal Arched Sunglasses

ES 068-50-17-142-Col.02


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Weight125 gr
CompositionsPolikarbon Metal Alaşım
StylesSports Stylish
Pine ColorBlack
Frame ColorBlack
Frame TypeMetal - Polycarbonate
Filter TypeUV Filtered
Ekartman (Glass Size)5cm x 6cm
Bridge Size15 mm
Handle Size145 mm
Warranty Period2 Year
Overseas SalesThere is

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Brand : Ellesse Sport

Glass  : Black glass. Polarized, 100% UV filtering, the anti reflex sunglasses.

Frame : Black bone frame. Black metal handle. 2015 model.

Dimensions: ES068-50-17-142-Col.01

* Approved CE and ministry. Ellesse original product. Original case and wipes will be sent along with the warranty document.

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