Dora Shiny Copper 173 Metallic Paint 50ml


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Cadence Dora Shiny Copper 173 Metallic Paint 50ml

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CompositionsWater-based paint,
PropertiesUsed on fabric
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* Dimension: 50ml
* It is a water-based new generation acrylic paint that can hold easily on all surfaces that are specially formulated for the craft sector.
*It has an intense metallic appearance.
* No primer and sanding required. Super fluid and durable paint.
* Skin and fabric should be used by diluting the paint. It is absolutely necessary to wait 12 hours for the second layer on the glass.
* Does not contain harmful substances in health CE & EN 71 norms are suitable.
* Can be used: Wood, mdf, canvas, plaster, papier mache, resin, wax, wall, fabric, leather, stain, ceramic, porcelain, polymercil, watercolor paper, metal surfaces.
What is Cadence Dora Metallic Paint, How is it Used?

Cadence Dora Metallic paint is a type of high pearlescent acrylic paint used in decoration and hobby works. It does not contain substances harmful to health. After the metallic paints dry on the applied surface, a pearlescent appearance is obtained. Acrylic metallic paints can be mixed and used to obtain different colors. Metallic paints, paints that are not diluted with water, are offered to users in 50 ml. It complies with CE and EN71 norms. Cadence Dora Metallic paints reflect two tones in one paint thanks to their special ingredients. After the paints dry, they create a sparkling image under bright light. Smoother images can be obtained when two coats of paint are applied. It is preferred in many transformation works such as furniture painting, kitchen painting, tile painting, hobby work, home renovation work and furniture renovation work. You can easily access metallic paints, which have many color types such as oxide gold, bronze, cinnabar gold, black, silver, red, green, platinum, dark orchid, emerald green, on our website. You can take a look at Cadence Varnish varieties to obtain stronger surfaces after painting.

Dora Metallic Paint Usage Areas

* In objects such as wooden crates and trays

* Styrofoam works

* Wall decoration

* On stone surfaces

* In concrete painting

* On canvas

* For painting ceramic bowls, plates and vases

* in brick

* on paper

* In metal

How to Use Dora Metallic Paint?

* Make sure that the area to be applied paint is clean.

* You can apply with the help of brush and sponge sponge in the models and patterns you want.

* You can get different colors by mixing Dora Metallic Paints among themselves.

* Before the application, you can take the paint into an empty container and ensure that the paint reaches the entire surface of the brush.

* After the painted surface dries, it can be easily cleaned with soap and water.

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