Black Chalkboard Paint 2600 - 750ML View larger
Black Chalkboard Paint 2600 - 750ML
  • Black Chalkboard Paint 2600 - 750ML
  • Black Chalkboard Paint 2600 - 750ML

Black Chalkboard Paint 2600 - 750ML


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Black Chalkboard Paint 2600 - 750ML

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* Water-based acrylic paint that turns the applied surface into a blackboard. Chalk application can be done after drying. Wipeable, washable, durable. It has high pigmentation properties. Colors can be confused between themselves. Wait 1 hour between coats.

"Cadence Art & Hobby Paints" Turkey is a pioneer and leading brands serving in the craft sector. It is a Turkish company with 100% domestic capital. This is due to its strong knowledge and experience based on many years of experience.
Providing customers with high quality products is the company's top priority. In this context, it is the only manufacturer with CE and EN71 certification in Turkey's market. Cadence products, both professional painters, artists, craft sector, schools and universities are used safely in Turkey and abroad.
Cadence Art & Hobby Paints aims to meet all the needs of its customers with its wide production of paint, medium, special effects, as well as hundreds of models of its own production, transfer, stencil and quality canvas, easel, brush production.
The motto of "You Only Cadence Enough" summarizes the Cadence brand's wide product range, rich color scale, quality and unconditional customer satisfaction.

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