Craftsy All Surface Paint Multisulfaces R. Blue H-037 250ml View larger
Craftsy All Surface Paint Multisulfaces R. Blue H-037 250ml

Craftsy All Surface Paint Multisulfaces R. Blue H-037 250ml


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Craftsy All Surface Paint Multisulfaces R. Blue H-037 250ml


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* Dimension: 250ml
* It is a water-based new generation acrylic paint that can hold easily on all surfaces that are specially formulated for the craft sector.
* Provides high closure on all different surfaces such as wood, glass, mdf, raw ceramic, polyester, porcelain, wall, stain, metal, stone, canvas, paper. Indoor and outdoor areas can also be used.
* No primer and sanding required. Super fluid and durable paint.
* Skin and fabric should be used by diluting the paint. It is absolutely necessary to wait 12 hours for the second layer on the glass.
* It has high closure power thanks to special pigments. It is non-toxic, easily mixable, smooth and creamy and can be easily cleaned with water and soap when wet.
* Does not contain harmful substances in health CE & EN 71 norms are suitable.
* Can be used: Wood, mdf, canvas, plaster, papier mache, resin, wax, wall, fabric, leather, stain, ceramic, porcelain, polymercil, watercolor paper, metal 

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