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Acrylic Metallic Paint Set
  • Acrylic Metallic Paint Set
  • Acrylic Metallic Paint Set

Acrylic Metallic Paint Set


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Acrylic Metallic Paint Set 6x15ml



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CompositionsAcrylic Paint
PropertiesAcrylic Paint Set Opaque Matte
Overseas SalesThere is

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* Package Included:

* Stensil in A4 size.

* 1 Stencel Adhesive.

* You can use Cadence Stencil Adhesive in all your work that requires temporary stickiness.

* It is a perfect adhesive for stencil application on fabric, wood, glass, metal, ceramic, porcelain and similar surfaces.

* Low and high temperature preserves the adhesion, used to transfer to the surface is not available, allows the possibility of overturning and easy to clean.

* It can stick together and stick again, stick quickly, sticky for long time, does not stain and wrinkle and does not give color.

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