Finger Stamping Water Based Paint 906-Copper Color Wax


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Cadence Finger Stamping Water Based Paint 906-Copper Color Wax 20gr

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CompositionsFinger Stamping Water Based Paint 900-Inca Gold Color
PropertiesFinger Stamping
ColorSilver Color
Overseas SalesThere is

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* It is a wax based anti-gilding gild that can be used on all kinds of surfaces and materials. It is applied with a finger, brush or soft cloth. Suitable for use under or over varnish. It never comes off the surface it is applied to and does not darken.

* It has a very bright appearance. 

* When the finger gilding package is left open, you can dry, and you can drip some turpentine to prevent it. 

* 20ML.

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