PRE Attention Strengthening Set 6 Years


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PRE Attention Strengthening Set 6 Years


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* PRE DGS 6 year set consists of 8 fascicules.
* Each fascicle consists of 31 pages.
* The ordering of fascicules should not be perceived as strict order of difficulty.
* In each fascicle, easy and difficult exercises that our children can do within their ages are put together and sorted.

* No hard exercises were given so that the kids would not get bored and give up.

* Activates the learning system actively and increases the course success.

* Attention increases in skills, attention and attention in the academic area is reduced.

* As the desire to work and learn increases, the performance in the school increases.

* Recognizes and distinguishes those who enter the visual field, the success of the desk-based course work increases.

* Improves eye coordination, improves productivity in performance tasks.

* Fine motor skills increase, hand skills evolve.

* Listening skills increase, the auditory perception is strengthened.

* Planning and sorting skills will increase, problems in the face will benefit.

* It helps to understand what you read and read.

* It helps mental energy to focus on a subject.

* Supports thinking skills, develops interpreting skills.

* Helps to think flexible. Short-term memory benefits long-term memory development.

* It helps to solve problems with different viewpoints.
* Contributes to arithmetic skills.

* Benefits from abstraction.
* Increases verbal skills.

* Reduces forgetfulness. The clutch improves the speed.

* Supports learning from different angles.


* Drifter is reinforcing his sense of being successful. Self-confidence enhances academic self-confidence in particular.

* Increase school and work love.

* Paper, pencil lessons and learning become positive.

* Evaluates their free time.

* Helps reduce the problems caused by TV and visual tools.

* Emotional and anger control increases.


* Strengthening exercises are tailored to the child's age.

* Children who make more mistakes than age-appropriate exercises can continue to study books that are suitable for their own age after studying books with a lower age group.

* Each of the exercises has instructions and directives on it.

* It is possible for the child to control himself / herself together with the answer key afterwards. They can also solve it together with parents or educators. The important thing is to go to the end with concentration and solution.

* There is no limit in the study period. Children can exercise as much as they want. If possible, the exercise on each page should be solved, not page skipping.

* The resolution time varies for each page. An average of 2-5 minutes is acceptable for each page. Some exercises can exceed this time and others can be done in a shorter time. For this reason, it would be better for the child to have free time.

* So the child can concentrate on as many pages as he wants. If it can not, the result should be shown in the answer to the question.

* Work should be done every day if possible. If this can not be done, it is more beneficial to continue the exercises without giving a very long break. However, even if it spreads for a long time, the main goal should be the completion of the book.

* The daily working time of the child can be from 10 minutes to 60 minutes. There is no time constraint. It can be done at any time of day.

* If the child has finished his / her own age books, he / she may continue to work for a senior age group. This indicates that the child's level of attention is high.

* When children make mistakes, they must be clearly indicated by an appropriate communication language.

* These studies can easily be done during the rest of the lessons.

* The mistakes that the child made mistakes can be repeated in different ways and these mistakes can be reduced.

* The error rate is expected to decrease on the progressive pages of the book.

* Strengthening with attention exercises should be supported by the enjoyment, dynamism and motivation process.

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