Acrylic Wood Plaint C-1005 Navy Blue View larger
Acrylic Wood Plaint C-1005 Navy Blue

Acrylic Wood Plaint C-1005 Navy Blue


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Acrylic Wood Plaint C-1005 Navy Blue

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* Acrylic paints, decorative painting, home décor and general hobby project used in all-purpose, premium quality acrylic paint. Water based and does not contain harmful substances installment.
The semi-matt varnished accessible to the desired brightness. Wide range of colors is available in the color chart can be karışal with each other. Long shelf life and cater to different needs of packaging in different weights.
Wood, MDF, raw ceramics, metal, stone and is available on the canvas. Thanks to a special pigment has high hiding power. Quality standards for the appropriate, non-toxic, can be easily confused, is smooth and creamy, easy to clean with soap and water when wet.
* Surface can be used are: wood, MDF, canvas, plaster, papier mache, resin, wax, walls, fabric, leather, styrofoam, ceramics, porcelain, polimerkil, watercolor paper, metal surfaces.

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