Cadence Premium Acrylic Paint 9044 Purple 120ml View larger
Cadence Premium Acrylic Paint 9044 Purple 120ml

Cadence Premium Acrylic Paint 9044 Purple 120ml


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Cadence Premium Acrylic Paint 9044 Purple 120ml

Semi Matt Acrylic Paint 

Barkod No: 8697422126597

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CADENCE PREMIUM - Semi Matt Acrylic Paint  

* Water based, all-purpose, premium quality semi matt acrylic paint.

* Excellent coverage  and highly pigmented.

* Extensive color range ad colours may be intermixed.

* ts long shelf-life and multi packaging types can answer different  needs.

* Highest quality control.

* Blends easily.

* Smooth and creamy.

* Cleans up easily with soap and water.

* Non-toxic.

* Certified by EN 71 & CE.   

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