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Hobby Supplies

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  • Hobby Paints

    Hobby Paints

    Dyes; is a paint that can be used on many different surfaces used in the hobby industry today. Depending on the surface to be used, depending on the chemical structure and of course the colors vary according to the colors. Acrylic paints are used in many hobby techniques, mainly wood painting, nowadays. Ceramic paints are divided into two groups as glazed and underglazed and according to the series they have many kinds. Gilding paints are imitation paints with metal colors which have the main colors such as gold, silver.

  • Fabric Paints

    Fabric Paints

  • Hobby Paint Sets
  • Varnishes and Brushes

    Hobi Helper Supplies Varnishes and Brushes

    Hobby Assistants; they are not the main ones that hobbyists use in their projects; intermediate materials. Sometimes they prepare the ground before painting; Sometimes they enter the circuit to terminate the completed project. The primary assistants form the intermediate floors used in the techniques. You can not see the product, but it can have a very effective role in the project. As the main groups of hobby assistants; adhesives, varnishes, mingles, crackers, relief pastes and clay doughs.

  • Polyester Objets

    Polyester Materials Objets, Art materials

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Showing 1 - 12 of 140 items